Bucket List 196: Japan!

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Country 6/196: Japan. For my all too brief summer vacation from teaching in South Korea, I took the opportunity to hop across the East Sea for a week in the Land of the Rising Sun. A whistle stop tour of three prominent Japanese cities concluded with a journey on the bullet train to Tokyo, leading to a new appreciation of how diverse a nation it is. From thousands of vermillion torii gates in Kyoto, to opium-dens turned miniature-bars in Osaka, to the largest sumo hall on earth in Tokyo, there’s a place to pray, drink or wrestle around every corner.

The Road Travelled

Tales From Japan

What Tokyo So Long?

August 3rd, 2016 Jack Noah Rees The only way to get from Osaka to Tokyo is by bullet train. That isn't strictly true. I mean you could fly, drive, walk or ride on the back of a gibbon if you so wanted - but none are as comfortable as the Shinkansen. The five hundred kilometre journey takes just three and a half hours,…

Animes of the State

August 1st, 2016 Jack Noah Rees A short train ride south from Kyoto and you arrive in Osaka - and the contrast is remarkable. If Kyoto was one of the most peaceful and calming places I have ever visited, then Osaka very well may be the least. As soon as we abandoned the train, we were sardined into the city centre…

“You’ve Kyoto See This Bamboo!”

July 30th, 2016 Jack Noah Rees After just three weeks of teaching in South Korea, the summer holidays were upon me, and the break couldn't have come any sooner. Attempting to teach hyperactive infants from morn till dusk doesn't half make you want to board a plane and leave the country. Being so close to SK, Japan was always top of…



Country: 6/196     Visited: Summer ’16


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