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Whilst I was living inside a 1997 Plymouth Voyager called Sam (his beautiful buxom behind can be seen below) I kept a diary of my daily adventures across the New World. After I had completed my trip, I decided to post these musings on some form of a blog, partly out of the sheer naive hope that one other person might be inspired to do the same. For I simply had too much of a life-affirming experience not to try to encourage others to go on a similar voyage. Or maybe something completely different – anything to get people out of their comfort zone and exploring this spectacular planet of ours. Out of one ridiculous road trip, Hit The Road Jack was born.

Overlooking The Athabasca Glacier

Since I started writing, I have spoken to innumerable travellers around the world; swapping tales and picking up as much useful information as I can. I then disregard this information and write my own biased outlook on every single place I have visited. Everything from the vainest dictators along the Silk Road to the quality of long-drops in Siberia (or lack of). All entirely useful knowledge that I’m sure will enrich your lives no end. If there is a topic you want to know more about, drop me an e-mail here and I’ll do my best to respond within 6-12 months.

Along with an Alexandria-esque library of blog posts and travel diaries written and researched by yours truly, I also have a quite stunning resources page displaying some of the most useful companies that I’ve done business with on my travels. All are tried, tested, and proven and may assist in the planning of your next voyage.

In summary, Hit The Road Jack was created to inspire and encourage you to plan your dream adventure because, as we all know, life is too short to sit behind a bloody desk for fifty years. Every article on this website has been written by an unfit, compulsive traveller with dodgy facial hair and road-tested around the world (including Grimsby). Start . Your . Journey by subscribing to my questionably humorous e-mail updates below. Then go ahead and click this link.

See you on the road.


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