Bucket List 196: Moldova!

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Country 24/196: Moldova. Only San Marino and Liechtenstein are visited less (in terms of European countries) than Moldova. That’s rather impressive given that it is over one hundred and fifty times bigger than them both combined. But what it lacks in tourists, it makes up for in intrigue, as we spent a curious day in the frozen conflict zone of Transnistria. Hammers, sickles, Russian flags, tanks, busts of war heroes and just about every other Soviet stereotype are on display all over the miniature “country”. A wonderfully bizarre shrine to the Soviet Union in one of Europe’s most unique nations.

The Road Travelled

Tales From Moldova

Soviet Reunion

October 22nd, 2017 Jack Noah Rees Last week, Yugyeong and I met with god and the devil in the Bulgarian countryside, crossed the Danube into Romania, before surviving a freezing Transfagaraʂan Highway to reach Bran. This week, we begin the journey north, through some of Europe’s darkest, and most surprising corners. Day 92 - Bran, Romania to Chiʂinau, Moldova Our penultimate…




Country: 24/196     Visited: Autumn ’17


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