I Need A Laugh

From a glance at a global news channel, the world may appear to be a large, divided and dangerous place. Yet, based on my experiences (and from fellow travellers) 99.9% of people you come across, whatever ethnicity, religion or country they come from, are more than happy to help you along with your travels. Indeed, most that I have met have a jolly good sense of humour (yes even the Germans) and we all need to take life a little less seriously, as often as we can. For some fun posts, click on a link below…

The Silk Road Olympics

December 9th, 2017 Jack Noah Rees Most Corrupt Country? Vainest Dictator? Grimmest Long-Drops? These are the Olympic medals that no country wants to win, but I will hand them out anyway. Welcome to The Silk Road Olympics! Having completed a three-month road-trip along a large section of the fabled Silk Road, I deem myself worthy of conducting the most crooked awards…

50 American Facts or Fictions?

May 17th, 2016 Jack Noah Rees Good day folks. Having lived in the Unites States of America for ninety days without getting shot, I would like to take this opportunity to dispel, or confirm, fifty myths or misconceptions that I may, or may not, have believed were true before I started this journey. Admittedly, sweeping generalisations are made throughout but most…

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