Bucket List 196: Ukraine!

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Country 25/196: Ukraine. The largest nation (not named Russia) in Europe and one desperately trying to stop the annexation of more of its eastern territory by their aforementioned neighbour. Towards the west, and in the capital, life goes on much as before, i.e., daily protests against a highly corrupt government. There is a lot more to Ukraine than meets the eye though, as it is home to the largest catacomb system and deepest subway station in the world. Furthermore, for the more macabre among us, trips to Chernobyl are now a possibility – although book well in advance to avoid large doses of disappointment (as happened to us).

The Road Travelled

Tales From Ukraine

The Green, Green Grass of Home

November 11th, 2017 Jack Noah Rees Last week, Yugyeong and I escaped the KGB in Transnistria, crawled through catacombs in Ukraine, before being denied entry to Belarus. This week, is our last - and we still must get from just-outside Kiev, to just-outside Kidwelly, my family’s house to be exact, in less than eight days. The race is on. Day 99…

Soviet Reunion

October 22nd, 2017 Jack Noah Rees Last week, Yugyeong and I met with god and the devil in the Bulgarian countryside, crossed the Danube into Romania, before surviving a freezing Transfagaraʂan Highway to reach Bran. This week, we begin the journey north, through some of Europe’s darkest, and most surprising corners. Day 92 - Bran, Romania to Chiʂinau, Moldova Our penultimate…




Country: 25/196     Visited: Autumn ’17


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