Bucket List 196: Nigeria!

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Country 44/196: Nigeria. The beating heart of Africa, Nigeria is the economic powerhouse of the continent. However, it’s certainly not achieved this through its tourism industry (doesn’t rank in Africa’s top ten most visited). Indeed, with one of the most expensive visas in the world, for British citizens at least, and strict security at land borders, you’d almost be made to believe they aren’t interested in foreign visitors at all? Once inside, though, there is a hell of a lot to see and do around this enormous nation; with Lagos being a great hub for those seeking modern comforts.

The Road Travelled

Tales From Nigeria

I’m on the Highway to Sahel

November 29th, 2019 Jack Noah Rees Last week, I visited floating villages and Lagosian art galleries, as well as having my nuts gnawed by some hungry simians. This week, I leave the Atlantic Coast for the first time as I venture north towards a vastly different climate, culture and cattle. Welcome to the Sahel. Day 50 – Lagos, Nigeria Right, as…

I’ve Benin Worse Places

November 26th, 2019 Jack Noah Rees Last week, I convalesced with a giant tortoise named Togo before conversing with an enormous baboon named Benin (one of those is untrue). This week, I reached the easternmost point of my voyage, as I arrived in ‘Africa’s capital’ and largest metropolis: Lagos. Day 43 – Cotonou, Benin As you may or may not have…



Country: 44/196     Visited: Autumn ’19


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