Bucket List 196: Niger!

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Country 45/196: Niger. The poorest nation in West Africa, and with insurgent issues in many areas, you may think that I had a hard time in Niger: not so! The capital of Niamey was my favourite city in Western Africa, with the opportunity to observe wild hippos and giraffes in their natural habitats, just a stone’s throw away. I was also given a most fantastic welcome by the locals and taken to some remarkably beautiful spots: having a beer on the shores of the Niger River at sundown being a particular highlight. Don’t be put off visiting this amazing country.

The Road Travelled

Tales From Niger

Ouaga dou dou gou, Push a Camel Drink a Tea

December 7th, 2019 Jack Noah Rees Last week, I encountered frolicking hippos and gambolling footballers as I left the Atlantic Coast for the first time - entering the much-maligned desert region of the Sahel. This week, I am forced to fly, as I hop from no-go zones to no-no-go zones, with the no-est of them all on the horizon. Day 57…

I’m on the Highway to Sahel

November 29th, 2019 Jack Noah Rees Last week, I visited floating villages and Lagosian art galleries, as well as having my nuts gnawed by some hungry simians. This week, I leave the Atlantic Coast for the first time as I venture north towards a vastly different climate, culture and cattle. Welcome to the Sahel. Day 50 – Lagos, Nigeria Right, as…




Country: 45/196     Visited: Autumn ’19


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