Bucket List 196: Mauritania!

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Country 48/196: Mauritania. The least-visited nation on the African mainland, and probably my favourite; not sure if there’s a pattern there. From stowing away on the longest train in the world to exploring the vast expanse of the Sahara, Mauritania is a remote-travellers dream. From my time there I also learned that there is far more to the Sahara than just camels and dunes (although you will see plenty of them too). Breath-taking mountains, plentiful oases, and some of the most isolated villages on earth make Mauritania one of the few countries where you still feel like an intrepid explorer.

The Road Travelled

Tales From Mauritania

Con Air Senegal

December 20th, 2019 Jack Noah Rees Last week, I clandestinely crept aboard an iron ore train with its destination deep inside the vacuous heart of the great desert. This week, which I have controversially split into two posts, will be my last - as I come full circle with a return to my very first West African metropolis: Dakar. Day 71…

Mali & Me

December 12th, 2019 Jack Noah Rees Last week, I was forced to avoid the volatile hinterlands of the Sahel, soaring from dusty capital to dusty capital in search of refuge. This week, I took a ride on the most uncomfortable, unpunctual and unreachable train in the world (excluding the Arriva Trains Wales service to Pembroke Dock). Day 64 – Bamako, Mali…



Country: 48/196     Visited: Autumn/Winter ’19/’20


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