Bucket List 196: Kazakhstan!

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Country 13/196: Kazakhstan. A nation undergoing rapid transformation, Kazakhstan is starting to embrace a sustainable future, with the eyes of the world fixed on the capital Astana for the World EXPO 2017. A surprisingly modern metropolis, the city has changed beyond recognition under the ever-present guidance of Kazakh leader/president/overlord Nursultan Nazarbayev (last “re-elected” with over 98% of the vote). Despite being farther from an ocean than any other country of earth, we managed to find a plethora of lakes and lagoons to make crossing this country slightly less monotonous than we expected.

The Road Travelled

Tales From Kazakhstan

Azer Ferry Gone?

September 25th, 2017 Jack Noah Rees Last week, Yugyeong and I crossed the width of Uzbekistan: from cities being transformed in the East, to towns proudly displaying their past in the West. This week, we await our ride across the largest ‘lake’ in the world, towards a new adventure in an oil-rich state undergoing a radical transformation of its own. Day…

The Last Stand

September 16th, 2017 Jack Noah Rees Last week, Yugyeong and I observed Afghanistan (from a distance), left the arduous Pamir Mountains far behind, and entered the dry expanse of the Uzbek desert. This week, we take a tour around our new country: visiting a vibrant capital in the East, and the stunning historic towns and mosques of the West. Day 50…

Kyrgyzstanding our Ground

September 1st, 2017 Jack Noah Rees Last week, Yugyeong and I visited two polarising cities at each end of the Kazakh steppe. This week, we enter our second ‘Stan’, and begin the journey South towards the highest, and toughest, part of the expedition: crossing the Pamir Mountains. Day 36 - Almaty, Kazakhstan to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Our time in Kazakhstan was almost…

Kazakh Just Can’t Get Enough

August 19th, 2017 Jack Noah Rees Last week, Toby, Yugyeong and I were thoroughly probed, prodded and scrutinised at two national borders, before entering our first ‘Stan’. This week, we savour our time in a dynamic, urban metropolis, before driving the height of Kazakhstan, towards our next probing. Day 29 - Shiderti, Kazakhstan to Astana, Kazakhstan Our first morning in Kazakhstan,…

Lenin our Hair Down

August 14th, 2017 Jack Noah Rees Last week, Yugyeong and I left Ulaanbaator, and struggled to make progress along the dirt tracks of the Mongolian steppe. This week, we cross two national borders, and begin the next chapter of our journey: crossing the ‘Stans’. Day 22 - Lake Khur-Us Nuur, Mongolia to eighty kilometres North-West of Khovd, Mongolia After fighting off…




Country: 13/196     Visited: Summer/Autumn ’17


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