Bucket List 196: Guinea!

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Country 37/196: Guinea. If I had to sum up Guinea in one word it would be this: mayhem. The fact I was squashed inside an overloaded jeep for over a day to get there didn’t help my initial perception of the country. The capital of Conakry is one of the most unwelcoming cities I have ever come across (including Detroit) and it is an absolute nightmare the get around. I heard far more positive reviews of the Guinean countryside from other travellers so do yourselves a favour: avoid the capital (and probable demonstrations) and join one of the many muddy roads deep into the wild. It will get messy.

The Road Travelled

Tales From Guinea

Guinea all your Lovin’

October 22nd, 2019 Jack Noah Rees Last week, I continued my journey south through three extraordinary West African nations until my beleaguered arrival in the Guinean conurbation of Conakry. This week, I follow the coast from capital to capital, visiting countries with recent histories they would rather forget. Day 15 – Conakry, Guinea Conakry. Not a city with the best of…

I Gambialieve My Luck

October 17th, 2019 Jack Noah Rees Last week, I began my African adventure in earnest, as I went island and visa hopping around the Senegalese capital. This week, I attempt to intersect three extraordinary countries, as the road (and my T-shirt tan) worsens by the day. Day 8 – Serrekunda, The Gambia Welcome to The Gambia! Were the words of the…



Country: 37/196     Visited: Autumn ’19


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