Bucket List 196: Greece!

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Country 50/196: Greece. Forget Faliraki, skip Santorini, stay clear of Corfu, Greece has a lot more to offer than beaches and STD’s. Hire a car and explore its mountainous north, where you might even meet a brown bear or three, or pay a visit to the monks of Meteora – they simply love a tourist! It’s a country rich in history and full of surprises – you will never be far from an amphitheatre or a billiard hall – and its mainland is still relatively quiet and tourist-free. Attempt to summit Mount Olympus in gale-force winds if you dare…

The Road Travelled

Tales From Greece

Against All Gods

November 12th, 2020 Jack Noah Rees Thessaloniki, as well as scoring very highly in Scrabble, also scores very highly in my ranking of Greek cities – coming top (out of two). Whilst Athens is geared entirely towards wealth, tourism, and sophistication, Thessaloniki is more focussed on graffiti, pollution, and drifters selling meat from unmarked carrier bags. It has an edginess that…

Go Big or Go Homer

November 6th, 2020 Jack Noah Rees Cloud-piercing mountains, bottomless gorges, and ancient monasteries are not usually three things that spring to mind when thinking of Greek sightseeing. However, I was reliably informed that the northern reaches of this once great land are awash with exactly these kinds of sights; sights that the average inebriated Mediterranean island-hopper would struggle to believe belonged…

Playing Fast and Zeus

October 29th, 2020 Jack Noah Rees You re-join me in an overcast Athens and having been far too petrified to drive my enormous hire-car through the frenzied Greek capital, I was extremely grateful that I could finally abandon its narrow streets for the safety of wide, majestic highways for the first time. What was less majestic, however, was the volume of…

Feta Up with Life

October 26th, 2020 Jack Noah Rees Where is every seventeen-year-old Brits favourite destination for snorting copious amounts of cocaine from sun loungers? For balcony hopping in half-built concrete hotels until dawn? For losing their virginity after a foam party against a palm tree to a pink-eyed shot seller from Chelmsford? The answer: Greece. Having scrapped more plans this year than the…



Greece: South

Greece: North

Country: 50/196     Visited: Autumn ’20

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