Bucket List 196: China!

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Country 10/196: China. With Chinese New Year just around the corner, Yugyeong and I decided to make the brief trip over North Korea to Beijing, joining in with what’s been dubbed as ‘the largest human migration on earth’. We spent the first couple of days in the year of the rooster exploring a frigid Chinese capital, from the Forbidden City to the Summer Palace, consuming all manner of fried insects and steamed dumplings in our path. With a country as vast as this, I have made a promise to return in the near future.

The Road Travelled

Tales From China

The Desolation of Smog

January 31st, 2017 Jack Noah Rees This is a continuation of my jaunt to Beijing for Chinese New Year, which I left you last at the exit of the fabled Forbidden City. Yugyeong and I were in search of sustenance, and it didn't take us long to unearth the local grub, quite literally. As we entered a traditional market in the…

Fine China

January 30th, 2017 Jack Noah Rees With Chinese New Year just around the corner, where on earth does one start looking to experience its magnificence to the maximum? I concluded China would be a pretty good start, specifically Beijing, which was only a three-hour hop over North Korea from my home city of Daegu. This being a very last minute affair,…



Country: 10/196     Visited: Winter ’16/’17


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