Niagara’s Walls

Last week, the Voyager achieved its own American dream by reaching Maine, the fiftieth and final state of its journey across the continent. In week sixteen, the endless frozen tundra of Quebec province is left as far behind as is possible as the final destination appears on the frostbitten horizon.

The Maine Objective

Last week, the Voyager circumnavigated skyscrapers in NYC and soared with the Eagles in Philly before reaching a frostbitten New England. In week fifteen, the journey nears its conclusion as a momentous milestone draws closer.

Enter the Bird’s Nest

Last week, the Voyager passed through ten states, and Washington D.C. for good measure, from Florida in the scorching South to New York in the bustling North-East. In week fourteen, the journey breaks South to fly with the Eagles before soaring high into a freezing New England.

Capital Investment

Last week, the Voyager travelled as far South as South goes, encountering All Hallows’ Eve in Key West before visiting Baloo in Orlando. In week thirteen, the journey heads North on a state-a-day quest through Appalachia towards the nation’s capital and beyond.

All Hallows’ Keys

Last week, the Voyager met with Patricia in Texas and followed her destructive path around the Gulf of Mexico before breaking free in the Sunshine State. In week twelve, the journey reaches the absolute end of the road before the final Northern leg begins in earnest.


Last week, the Voyager entered the Deep South for the first time, following the old Bourbon Trail through Kentucky and Tennessee, before re-joining Route 66 in Missouri. In week eleven the journey stalls in the Gulf of Mexico as Hurricane Patricia has her spectacular say.

The Bourbon Trail

Last week, the Voyager witnessed birthday celebrations in Chicago, came up against The Fighting Irish and braved Motown. In week ten the journey follows the old Bourbon Trail from Jim Beam country to Jack Daniel’s before crossing the Great Plains for the final time.

Searching for Sugar Man

Last week, the Voyager exited the Great plains, visited several breweries and caught its first glimpse of the Windy City. In week nine the journey pauses in Chicago for a name-day celebration and some pizza pie before heading North to see whatever is left of illustrious Motown.

Great Lakes and Amber Nectar

Last week, the Voyager returned to the wilderness of the North, visiting the Rockies for the final time whilst commencing its crossing of the Great Plains. In week eight the journey heads South-East, through the flat, vast land of ten thousand lakes, towards America's second city.

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