Top Tips… Iceland!

Iceland. A wild, rugged nation famed for its warm fires and even warmer welcomes. Situated on the crest of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Iceland has some of the most awe inspiring volcanic landscapes on earth, as well as countless untamed waterfalls and one of the largest glaciers in the world. Don't forget to pack your thermal underwear.

Top Tips… The USA!

The United States of America. A country that kick-started my love of road trips, as well as opening my eyes to some of the single-most impressive geographical features on planet earth. From the sprawling conurbations in the East, to the great plains of the centre, to the sun-drenched National Parks of the West; America is a country where you will never be bored - or hungry.

The Silk Road Olympics

Most corrupt country? Vainest dictator? Grimmest Long-Drops? These are the Olympic medals that no country wants to win, but I will hand them out anyway. Welcome to The Silk Road Olympics! Having completed a three-month road-trip along a large section of the fabled Silk Road, I deem myself worthy of conducting the most crooked awards ceremony since Russia last hosted anything.

The Green, Green Grass of Home

Last week, Yugyeong and I escaped the KGB in Transnistria, crawled through catacombs in Ukraine, before being denied entry to Belarus. This week, is our last - and we still must get from just-outside Kiev, to just-outside Kidwelly, my family’s house to be exact, in less than eight days. The race is on.

Soviet Reunion

Last week, Yugyeong and I met with god and the devil in the Bulgarian countryside, crossed the Danube into Romania, before surviving a freezing Transfagaraʂan Highway to reach Bran. This week, we begin the journey north, through some of Europe’s darkest, and most surprising corners.

The Not-So-Grand Bucharest Motel

Last week, Yugyeong and I drove the length of Turkey, stopping by the mosques of Istanbul, before finally arriving at the E.U frontier. This week, we delve deep into the Bulgarian countryside, celebrate my birthday in the ‘oldest city in Europe’, and cross the Danube into Transylvania.

Cold Turkey

Last week, Yugyeong and I visited the birthplaces of the Kardashians, and Stalin (still coming to terms with that myself), before bellowing “Das Vidania” to the Caucuses. This week, we shadow the Black Sea across the length of Turkey, transit Istanbul, before coming face-to-face with a familiar flag.

“Armenia just had to be there!”

Last week, Yugyeong and I were allowed into Iran; driving up to their highest peak, and down to cave-like abodes carved in rock, before waving our invisible guide goodbye. This week, we drive through Armenia and into Georgia, keeping our wits about us around land-mined borders and hair-pinned highways.

Iran out of Puns

Last week, Yugyeong and I crossed the Caspian Sea, and spent a few days putting our feet up in the Azeri capital, Baku. This week, we head South, to a country famed for its tea, hospitality, and the difficulty of obtaining its visa: Iran.

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