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Great Plains and Prairie Dogs

Last week, the Voyager finally made it out of Sin City, circled the Grand Canyon and visited the home of Heisenberg. In week seven the journey heads North, through colder climates and the Rockies for the last time as the group splits once more.

308 Negra Arroyo Lane

Last week, the Voyager survived the Mexican border, Death Valley and even Hollywood as the minivans ended the week rolling down The Strip. In week six the journey temporarily halts in Vegas before continuing East through the home of Heisenberg, Pinkman & Fring towards Santa Fe.

Rags to Riches

Last week, the Voyager headed inland to view some large slabs of granite and a water-less waterfall before moving South through a drought-plagued state towards Los Angeles. In week five the journey visits Hollywood, gets as close to the Mexican border as one would dare and visits the hottest place on earth.


Last week, the Voyager travelled through the tallest forest in the world, crossed the most famous bridge in America and felt the spray of the Pacific Ocean on its wind shield once again. In week four the journey heads inland to the very heart of California before doing a quick U-turn to continue down the Pacific coast towards the city of angels.

Redwoods and Golden Gates

Last week, the Voyager made safe passage across a tricky national border, survived a forest fire and lost a race to a Montanan bar. In week three the journey continues South along the Pacific coast through the tallest forest in the world and on towards an iconic American city.

Rendezvous at The Rhino

In its first seven days the Voyager has ascended high mountain roads, camped next to glaciers, visited two national parks and crossed a provincial border. In week two the backdrop of The Rockies remain as the journey heads South, across the American border, into Montana for a meeting in Missoula.

Guarded by Giants

Welcome to my journal. What you are about to read is the factual goings-on of four people, three from Wales and one from South Korea, driving two elderly minivans with a entire continent to break-down around.

A Canadian Summer

Fresh off of the plane from arctic Anchorage and Summer was well and truly under way in VanCity.

Bears and Ex-Rabbits

A long winding climb in the cold Alaskan dusk led us up to Hatcher Pass.

Alaska for a Lift

Time to head beyond the wall to the most Northerly part of my North American journey, and quite possibly the furthest North I will ever go.

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