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New Video: 1 Year – 50 States – A Journey through America

Below is a video of my 2015 journey to every state in America. Along with three others, we drove around the contiguous United States in two old, rusting minivans as well as making trips to Alaska and Hawaii. We met hundreds of wonderful strangers who stopped their own lives in order to help us on our travels.

No Time for Stalin’

Welcome to the writings of a compulsive road-trip enthusiast, from my second expedition in as many years. The first was a jaunt across the North American continent, through forty-eight U.S states and four Canadian provinces. It was an unforgettable 105-day voyage that inspired my girlfriend and I to attempt not to strangle each other once more on an even more ambitious trip.

Top Tips… Canada!

Canada. The second largest country on earth, with geography so immensely diverse and extreme, it may be my favourite country in the world to explore. From surfing in the wilderness on Vancouver Island, to polar bear spotting in Churchill, to going back in time in Québec City's Old Town, the phrase 'something for everyone' could never be more apt than when describing this incredible country.

Challenging the Path of ‘Normality’

From a very early age, most of our youthful creativity and imagination - our inner child - is trained and taught out of us until we become slaves to grades and test scores. We desperately try to get into a good university so we can get a decent job, climb the career ladder, buy a nice house and car, and start a family. This is the vision of normality, perpetually driven into us by society.

50 American Facts or Fictions?

Having lived in the Unites States of America for ninety days without getting shot, I would like to take this opportunity to dispel, or confirm, fifty myths or misconceptions that I may, or may not, have believed were true before I started this journey. Admittedly, sweeping generalisations are made throughout but most of what I write is based on experiences I had in the states.

The Sultans of Bling

Yesterday, I was atop Malaysia's tallest mountain. Today, I was aboard a flight from Kota Kinabalu to Brunei (officially named the Nation of Brunei, the Abode of Peace). A nation overlooked by many Bornean backpackers (I may have too had it not been for Bucket List 196), although I was determined to discover as much as anyone possibly could about the miniature Islamic nation - indeed the smallest majority Muslim nation on earth (in terms of population).

A Bornean Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, when near to the hostel, everything was stirring, especially the brothel. Welcome to Malaysia. More specifically, the stretched coastal city of Kota Kinabalu on the mythical island of Borneo. I am here on my Christmas vacation, from teaching in South Korea, and boy do I require a break (attempting to teach toddlers the nuances of English grammar certainly takes its toll).

I’m a Little Despot, Short and Stout

I left you last at the infamous blue meeting rooms of the Joint Security Area (or JSA), having spent the morning hopping between North and South Koreas and taking photos with stern-looking border guards. Our group was then shown towards the North Korean gift shop, where all manner of legally-acquired northern merchandise was up for grabs.

Live Fast Die Jong

North Korea. One of the most reclusive, unstable and unwelcoming destinations on earth - or is it? Yes, it absolutely is. Having said that, I would be lying if I said that I didn't have a slightly morbid fascination with the place - what is life really like in the self-contained and mysterious north?

Seoul Searching

Many a night was whiled away attempting to conceive a master plan of how I could travel the world and earn dollar at the same time. For some reason, I decided that teaching English to kindergartners was the answer, and shortly after signing up to a recruitment company I was on a one-way flight to South Korea - teaching little kids surely can't be that difficult?

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