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“You’ve Kyoto See This Bamboo!”

After just three weeks of teaching in South Korea, the summer holidays were upon me, and the break couldn't have come any sooner. Attempting to teach hyperactive infants from morn till dusk doesn't half make you want to board a plane and leave the country. Being so close to SK, Japan was always top of my Asian travel list, and Kyoto seemed like a peaceful place to begin our trip.

Beyond the Wall

North Wales - an entirely different animal to its southern counterpart. Taller mountains, longer place names, and a completely unintelligible accent make the north a quite curious place to visit. On the road from the south (there's only really one), it is every tourist's duty to stop at Portmeirion. A village built purely on one man's imagination, it took Sir Clough Williams-Ellis over fifty years to finish his incongruous masterpiece.

Castles, Coasts & Cattle

Welcome to my home: Wales. I come from a small corner of the South-Welsh countryside where the land is beautiful and the sheep even more so. I’m only joking, not all Welsh people are infatuated by sheep, some prefer goats or bullocks. But I do come from the sort of town whereby if a person did proclaim their love for a farmyard animal, nobody would bat an eyelid. It has happened.

Why Road Tripping is the Best Way to see the World

Let's start with an obvious question: why should I go on a road trip? Why not take a relaxing beach holiday instead? Why not get a direct flight to where I want to go, with pre-booked transfers from the airport to my well-reviewed hotel. Why not enjoy the peace and comfort of my accommodation, and savour a Tequila Sunrise or three by the poolside bar?

Top Tips… Iceland!

Iceland. A wild, rugged nation famed for its warm fires and even warmer welcomes. Situated on the crest of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Iceland has some of the most awe inspiring volcanic landscapes on earth, as well as countless untamed waterfalls and one of the largest glaciers in the world. Don't forget to pack your thermal underwear.

Borealis Bounty

My final day in Iceland began with a forty-minute hop to the south-western corner of the island, in order to view another tourist attraction that has recently become synonymous with the country: the Blue Lagoon. Over the last few years, it has become one of the most photographed places in Iceland, with an incredible 32% of all tourists visiting it on their trips.

The Golden Circle

After my first failed Aurora hunt late last night, it was rather difficult to prize oneself out from under the warm duvet early this morn. However, with only a few hours of daylight available, there was little other option. I quickly donned as many layers as I had in my suitcase, battled through the ceaseless snow, and made it onto a bus that was going to take me to all of the sights within Iceland's famous Golden Circle.

An Icelandic Fairy Tale

A layover in Iceland is always a good thing because, with my long-haul from Canada refuelling in Reykjavik, I could ask for my bags, leave the airport, and book a different flight back to the UK in a week or so - which I did. Having just completed a four month road trip with Yugyeong, it was quite peculiar being on my own again, especially in an environment as extraordinary as this.

Top Tips… The USA!

The United States of America. A country that kick-started my love of road trips, as well as opening my eyes to some of the single-most impressive geographical features on planet earth. From the sprawling conurbations in the East, to the great plains of the centre, to the sun-drenched National Parks of the West; America is a country where you will never be bored - or hungry.

The Silk Road Olympics

Most corrupt country? Vainest dictator? Grimmest Long-Drops? These are the Olympic medals that no country wants to win, but I will hand them out anyway. Welcome to The Silk Road Olympics! Having completed a three-month road-trip along a large section of the fabled Silk Road, I deem myself worthy of conducting the most crooked awards ceremony since Russia last hosted anything.

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