About Hit The Road Jack

Whilst I was living inside a 1997 Plymouth Voyager – as can be seen below – and seeing great American and Canadian landmarks on less than $20 a day, I thought that there must be others interested in doing the same? I had too much of a good time not to try to encourage and inspire others to do a similar voyage. Or maybe something completely different – anything to get people out of their comfort zone, and exploring the world. Out of one marathon road trip, Hit The Road Jack was created.

Overlooking The Athabasca Glacier

Since I started this website, I have spoken to countless travellers around the world; swapping tales and picking up as much useful information as I can. This feedback, combined with everything that I use to keep me on the road, provides the subjects of some of the articles that are posted on this website. Everything from visa applications to travel hacking to buying vehicles abroad.

If there is a topic you want to know more about, drop me an e-mail here, and I will do my very best to post an article on it in the future. Or, if you’re looking to become a freelance writer, or have penned something yourself and want it to reach a larger audience of fellow travellers, contact me here for information on how to join the travel blogging community.

Along with a library of blog posts and travel guides written and researched by your travelling peers, the travel resources page displays some of the best companies that I have used on my travels. All are tried, tested and proven and will assist in the planning of your next voyage.

Or, if you are a business and want an experienced blogger to pay you a visit and write an honest and professional review about your hostel, or travel company, or even town, then get in touch here. With thousands of people visiting Hit The Road Jack every month, you can be sure that your business is being exposed to tourists and travellers from every corner of the planet.

Hit The Road Jack was created to inspire and help you to plan your dream adventure because, as we all know, life is too short to sit behind a desk for fifty years. The content on this website is designed and written by compulsive travellers, and road tested around the world. Start. Your. Journey today by subscribing to my newsletter below. Then go ahead and click this link.

See you on the road.


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