Bucket List 196: The UK!

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Country four: The United Kingdom. My home, and a country I explore a little more every time I return to the Shire. Some of the roads that pass through the rolling Welsh hills and Scottish highlands match that of any ‘epic drives’ from around the world. Whilst the longer and further I go overseas, the more I realise what is right here on my doorstep. Don’t worry, I’m not a secret Brexiteer who thinks Engerland is at the centre of the universe, but we do have plenty of hidden gems that often get overlooked – Grimsby is not one of them.

Tales From The UK

Beyond the Wall

March 18th, 2018 Jack Noah Rees North Wales - an entirely different animal to its southern counterpart. Taller mountains, longer place names, and a completely unintelligible accent make the north a quite curious place to visit. On the road from the south (there's only really one), it is every tourist's duty to stop at Portmeirion. A village built purely on one man's…

Castles, Coasts & Cattle

March 15th, 2018 Jack Noah Rees Welcome to my home: Wales. I come from a small corner of the South-Welsh countryside where the land is beautiful and the sheep even more so. I’m only joking, not all Welsh people are infatuated by sheep, some prefer goats or bullocks. But I do come from the sort of town whereby if a person…



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Country: 4/196     Visited: Spring/Summer ’16


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